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Graduate Fashion Week 2006!!!

"Charvas, trinkets and trailer trash..."



Hello!!!Eventually I get around to writing a new entry!!Well the past few months have been incredibly intense....many sleepless nights, burning the midnight oil on a daily basis, pricking my finger way too many times to mention but finally I got there!!After being selected to show my collection on the catwalk at Graduate Fashion Week (of which the actual selection process was the most terrifying and most emotionally draining day of my life...think "x-factor" but 10 times scarier) the day Ive waited for forever finally came!!!It was most definatley worth all the blood, sweat and tears that the past few years have seen and I was delighted at how it all went!For those of you who havent heard me going on and on about the collection over the past year...Ill give you a brief round up of what it was all about....a lot of it was inspired by things that I saw and experienced whilst travelling last year...the main influences of my collection were: trailer trash, nostalgia, Japanese Street fashion, mail order briders, trinkets, charvas, caravans,working class subcultures and print design......in the end the collection was made up of jackets made from tea towels with cute cupcakes printed on, cropped rainmacs made from printed vinyl tableclothes, teamed with super sparkly holographic leggings and all accessorised with huge necklaces adorned with candy, kids plastic play food, trinkets and Russian Dollies...and of course a few Fuschia pink pom-poms! Thats it, in a nutshell!!!Had all the family and friends there and the cherry on the cake was meeting Mark Owen whilst having a pizza in Battersea afterwards!!!How random, perfect end to a perfect day!!!!
Ok, so Ill leave you with some photos from the show to check out!!!!







official f..ics 055.jpg

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Take That!!!Best Night of My Life Ever!!!!!

Oh My god the hysteria!Meet the Future Mrs Mark Owen!!!

all seasons in one day

Future Husband!.jpeg

Oh My God!!!!!!!Tonight was the best night of my life ever!!!!The countdown of the months in anticipation of the Take That concert finally arrived!After Mam and Louise's camping expedition outside the arena for tickets all those months ago for the prize seats!!!I cant believe this day ever arrived....Ive been waiting 10 years for this!!!!For all of those who knew me back then, its hard to forget that Take That were my life...with those memorable moments such as crying whilst collapsed on the stairs prior to when I went to see them for the first time at Whitley Bay Ice rink back in '94....the tears at the year 8 disco when the dj whipped "Babe" out on the decks....my ridiculous room covered floor to ceiling of pictures, posters and clippings...and of course....the worst day of my life.....when they broke up...heartbroken....
So anyway, Ive been soooooo exited for the reunion tour...minus Robbie...and It was even more exciting that the show we were going to was the opening of the whole tour (so obviously the boys themselves would be most excited and nervous for this one too!!!)

Heres a ridiculous one of me and Louise outside the arena raring to go!!!!
So we got inside and I thought I was going to vomit as those minutes ticked closer and closer....then lights went off...the atmosphere was sooooo intense....then out came the boys on a platform slowly surrounded by smoke!!!!
Here is the enterance!!!!

So here we are 6 rows from the front....so close could see every facial expression, I couldnt believe it!As they came out I felt like I couldnt breathe, I was totally shaking, HYSTERICAL....I just couldnt believe my eyes that here were Take That and most importantly MARK OWEN literally 3 metres away from me!!!!When they came out you could just see how overwhelmed they were, they were just smiling,speachless and shaking their heads that after 10 years they stroll out onto stage and there 10,000 people just screaming!!!IT WAS A CORKER!!!!!Then suddenly Howard pipes up "Eyyyy they didnt have tits like that 10 years ago!!!"Loveddddd it!!!!



Some really cool special effects....my favourite was when they did "Relight My fire" they had the actual same costumes that they wore back in the day!!!Mark with his little horns on...Jason gyrating around in nothing but a sexy pair or sequined pants!!!There was trapeze artists, pole dancers, flame throwers and then the whole stage went up on fire.....soooooo cool!!!Loved it!!!!The final bit...the whole stage was raining!!!!Spectacular!!!!They were singing in the rain...then splashing about in it, kicking it around!!!I loved it soooooo much!!!!
Ok Im just going to throw a few pictures at you here....this is just a selection of a few from like the thousand me and lou have!!!

Mark Mark Mark!.jpeg

Take That!!! 003.jpg

Take That!!! 009.jpg

Take That!!! 019.jpg

Take That!!! 027.jpg

The Boys!.jpeg

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Notre Dame, Etienne Marcell and Sabotaged meals!


Woke up bright and early and started the day with a breakfast of stong coffee and yummy croissants!!!Headed to Parc De Expositions to collect out passes for Premiere Vision before making our way to Notre Dame!I had forgotton how beautiful it was...I was hoping to see Quasi Modo today but he didnt reveal himself!!!Inside has some absolutley amazing stained glass windows...we then headed up to Etienne Marcell which is an area full of really cool boutiques, little cheese shops, pavement cafes.....really nice!!!We then stolled up to Sentier the area where all the fabrics and trimmings shops are as well as the design studios and showrooms!!We hung around the area where the Pompidou Centre is,lots of nice shops...stopped for a couple of Gin and Tonics!
This evening's restaurant extravaganzas werent so much of a treat...We were starving so rushed into the first place we say...dont think the staff appreciated two English chicks strolling in, they were rude and proceeded to ignore us...Made the mistake of ordering a Veggie Burger...was brought to the table...knew before even looking at it that it was actually a meat burger...luckily my habits of scrutinising food before I eat it were on top form as no way was I sampling that!!!Staff pleaded ignorant and away we went!Worst restaurant of my life...obviously thought I was going to be stupid enough to eat it!Instead we headed up to Montmarte for a bottle of red wine and some divine tirimisu in a really cute little bar!

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sunny 1 °C

Arrived at Luton airport after a long trek last night...Had a long evening ahead of me as I waited for check in to open but I wasnt going to battle with the nightbuses so armed with a good book, a copy of "Thats Life" (Ha Ha Ha!!!) and a mini picnic in my bag...I bombarded Costa and drank all their coffee as I waited for Emma to arrive!!!She had actually fallen asleep and had to get a last minute Taxi all the way to the delightsul Luton!After being harrassed in by the Barista in Costa and run up a hefty bill on my mobile through Boredom she eventually arrived...this situation reminded me of mine and Dawn's traumatic 18 hour wait in Stanstead many moons ago and briefly resembled the whole Osaka charade!!!!
Finally boarded the plane and 55 minutes later landed in Paris!!!Its been a few years since the last time I was in Paris and I have to admit all my previous trips to the city have been tainted with drunken exploits...so Its nice to be here again and Im ready to take in some serious sightseeing and indulging in lots of divine French Cheese and Wine!
Hopped on a train from Charles De Gaulle and ventured towards Paris...we headed to where our hotel was to be suprised that the Moulin Rouge was right at the end of the street!You can actually see the big Windmill from our hotel!!!Was a bit apprehensive about where we were staying...it was suspiciously cheap and seemed a bit too good to be true...However when we walked in we found our room to be creally cute and clean!!!What a bargain!!!Dumped the bags and headed straight out...we were soooooo hungry!!!We were very close to Montmarte so decided to wade up the hill for a spot of breakfast and to cruise around in the artists quarters...
We began with a lovely breakfast and some much needed coffee...I hadnt slept in almost 48 hours by this point!Emma was harrassed by some French Poet who was inspired to write about her and when she refused to give him money he happily still gave her the mumbo-jumbo poem he had written her!!We wandered around looking at the paintings for a while before heading further up the hill to see Sacre Coeur. Ive always loved this place, its beautiful and it has the most spectacular views across Paris!We decided to experience the Funicular on the way down...probably should have done it on the way up!!!We took a stroll through Pigalle and eventually arrived at the Opera...Its so pretty!!!We then set off on a serious walking mission and headed all the way to the Louvre!Found some great little shops on our way down the The Eiffel Tower and enjoyed several great coffees en route!We then walked to Invalides to where Napoleon is buried, saw the Arc De Triomphe and eventually made a beeline for a supermarket to stock up on some yummy bread and camembert!!!
After a brief recharge of the batteries I was still going strong despite my lack of sleep...we found a nice little pizza place so we had a bit to eat and had the pleasure of being harrassed by a 60 year old lothario who demanded we met him the following evening so he could take us to the discotheque!!!Imagine my suprise when right by the hotel I spotted O'Sullivans....the bar where involved in drunken debauchery!!!Spent the rest of the night in there drinking lots of gin and tonics (they had Bombay Sapphire!!!) and befriending a weird guy who we couldnt quite shake off!Its soooo nice to have this little break...Im totally in need of one!

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Christmas in Newcastle...


Hello again!!!Just thought I would give you all a rundown of the festive season!!!Well, celebrated my birthday last month!!!23, Oh My God, Im almost 30!!!!!Had 2 celebrations...a great night out with the girls down on Brick Lane where we went to '93 Feet East' followed by a bizarre olde worlde 'old man's pub' as reccomended by Aymie!Then I headed up north to Newcastle to spend Christmas with the family!
me aymie liz.jpeg

Went out once again, in Newcastle, for my birthday which was fun, lots of Cosmos and drunken escapades!The night was rounded off with us all buying way too much food from the good old 'Toon Takeaway' and turning up at Tim and Kelly's house at about 4 in the morning!!!
Below are a few of the photos for the night out!
Debs and Lou!.jpeg
Lou in motion.jpeg
drunk cheryl.jpeg
xmas etc 020.jpg

Below is just a range of random pictures from the christmas period...including Chris caressing the pizza, me with some random charva (yes, thats what happens when you go out with Helen!!!)hmmmm 'The Street' covered in snow........

xmas etc 009.jpg
xmas etc 005.jpg
me and charva!.jpg
Buckingham..tle 014.jpg
xmas etc 008.jpg
Buckingham..tle 006.jpg
lou in blue.jpg

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